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Y15zr 6 speed

By the numbers, the VF3i clearly stands head and shoulders above its supercub brethren, with However, in the gearing stakes, the Y15ZR has only a five-speed box, versus the six-speeders found in the other supercubs.

As for braking, the VF3i comes out tops with a dual-piston calliper grabbing a mm diameter brake disc in front, compared to the mm diameter and dual-piston calliper on the RFSi.

y15zr 6 speed

Meanwhile the Y15ZR and RSR are sized similarly in terms of brake disc diameter, clamped by a single-piston caliper. Click to enlarge.

y15zr 6 speed

When it comes to fuel tank capacity, the VF3i comes with a 7-litre tank under the seat, which SYM says gives some km of range, whereas the rest of the field come with 4-litre fuel tanks. The RFSi wins out in the suspension stakes, with its 88 mm travel upside-down fork, the other supercubs using conventional telescopic forks. In the rear, a monoshock is standard, although the VF3i omits any sort of pre-load adjustment, a feature found in its competition.

Odd one out in the area of warranty is Yamaha, with its 1 year or 10, km limit for the Y15ZR, with the rest of the supercubs offering a 2 year or 20, km warranty. So, dear reader, what do you think, based on the numbers? Which of these supercubs would be your pick? We will be getting our hands on the SYM VF3i for review soon, and will see how it does in the hands of our test riders.

Most Read Stories.Produced in a limited run of only units, the Y15ZR Ultraman is only available from Welly Assorted in Rawang, Selangor and is an officially licensed product from Malaysian Ultraman licensing agent Taigaco with delivery to begin in July As part of the limited edition package, the Y15ZR Ultraman also comes with alloy Rapida adjustable brake and clutch levers, alloy radiator guard and Yamaha engine cover.

Also included is a edition number plate located on the left side of the cowl and purchasers of the Y15ZR can select the edition number they desire, subject to availability.

Filling up the goodie bag is a certificate of authenticity, limited edition emblem, exclusive Ultraman t-shirt, postcard and behind the scenes photos.

Power is claimed to be Weight for the Y15ZR V2 is claimed to be kg and fuel is carried in a 4. Related Cars for Sale on. Superman — lie flat on the seat, hand on the handle Ultraman — lie flat on the seat both hands cross tembak laser. Both flying at kmhcan go and the meet the maker much faster. Beside rempit doing Superman, now they can do Ultraman. The best part is if you see blue light, the police is chasing so still fighting. But if you see red light, ambulance mari so must have lost.

Does the bike comes with the Ultraman helmet? The fin in between the head acts like an aerodynamic airfoil that helps to stabilise that rider when the bike is flying thru air.

Surely hempeh one. Limited edition biji saja. Boleh buat koleksi.

y15zr 6 speed

Nanti naik harga boleh jual semula dapat unting atas angin. Cuma jangan ada yg copy sudah.

New IKK SUPER Racing Gearbox (6 Speed) Yamaha Y15ZR/ Exciter 150

Kebodohan Yamaha, Honda steady je dengan RS depa…. Yamaha buat lawak dan gopoh nak cari pelanggan… Kebodohan melimpah ke ladang gandum. Wow, what a stupid decision made by Yamaha Malaysia… Honda is so steady with their RS… While Yamaha is so greedy and hungry for customer till make them become so so so….

Seriously Hong Leong Yamaha marketing people are zombies for even make this nonsense, and 12k to boot! Even jews faint seeing the price of this kapcai. You can either post as a guest or have an option to register. Among the advantages of registering is once a name has been registered, a guest cannot post using that name.

If you have an account, please login before commenting. If you wish to have a profile photo next to your name, register at Gravatar using the same e-mail address you use to comment. Your Name required. Your Email required. Comments v-tec fan on Jun 17, at am.I like the colour scheme on the Honda RSR and the graphics too. The design bits is what attracts a lot of buyers, including me.

The golden touch on the Read More.

Honda RS150R vs Yamaha Y15ZR – supercub comparo

I never thought the cub class bikes can be fun and sporty to look at, until I saw the Honda RS R for the very first time. The Honda Read More. To be frank, initially, I was a bit skeptical about the RS R.

Its looks, the big headlamp, and the overall stance just fail to give it a strong road Read More. I purchased this for my wife after a lot of market research, and seeing her happy means it did a good job. I too ride it on occasions, and it Read More.

I thought to buy a bike which will elegantly provide me with my own statement and at the same time will be a perfect blend of style and power. So, Read More. I would call the Yamaha Y15ZR a moped because of its design. But when you ride it, you will realise it is not exactly a moped but far more powerful Read More. While the other cub class bikes look very utilitarian and staid in terms of design, that is not the very same case with the Yamaha Y15ZR.

For a cub class Read More. I love my Yamaha Y15R. I have been riding it for nearly a year now, and I have no complaints. The performance and riding confidence this bike provides is just Read More. Bleed blue with Yamaha Y15zr if you are searching for a stylish, modern yet comfortable ride! It delivers a super smooth and comfortable performance at an affordable price. For the Read More. The Yamaha Y15ZR has gained so much popularity in the market not because it looks stylish and modern, but because at the price at which it is offered, it delivers Read More.

For new age riders, the Honda RSR feels nimble and agile, thanks to the slim profile of the overall moped and taller wheels. The bike feels comfortable to steer in tight traffic conditions, making it riding quite an easy task for those who are new to riding.

The four-stroke, single-cylinder, cc engine with which the Honda RSR is equipped with offers best in class performance numbers. The Being a moped targeted at the younger generation buyers, the Yamaha Y15ZR is equipped with quite an impressive list of features and an edgy design. Things like full LED headlamps with daytime running lamps and fully digital instrument console as well as the trendy and sharp design definitely impresses many.

Like many other motorcycles from Yamaha, the Y15ZR feels sure-footed while riding, thanks to a very impressive chassis.

The meatier tyre setup, disc brake setup on both the wheels and slightly stiff suspension setup makes the Y15ZR an agile handler. The overall design of the Honda RSR looks plain, and while the moped is blessed with loud graphics and eye-catching colour options, the RSR lacks many modern features to make it feel updated and trendy to catch the attention of young buyers.

For a city oriented daily commuter ride, the Honda RSR lacks proper luggage hooks as well as a good under seat storage space to hold small things or even a half face helmet with ease.As a West Malaysian, I….

Two perspectives from an older woman and a 20something man who…. Written by Kuhen K. Velusamy The European Car of the Year award is the ultimate prize for every major car maker. Each new car nominated…. Velusamy Car manufacturers of today have a long list of requirements that they must address before unveiling a new model. Velusamy The all-new Peugeot has finally made its way to Malaysia and Motorme. By June H. Great News, Free Entrance!

The ride starts from Padang to Medan via Pulau…. With more than 40 kart drivers hailing from countries such as India, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Japan and Malaysia, the Rotax Invitational held….

Just as we get into the hype surrounding Chinese New Year and hear the advice to motorists about traffic safety, perhaps it is time for…. A prize presentation ceremony for the winners of two contests organised in conjunction with the NST-MAI Asean Autoshow was held this week at the….

For most car owners, the car-cleaning routine consists of a weekly or, at the most, a fortnightly visit to the neighbourhood car wash for a…. Engine: cc. Transmission: six-speed. Gearbox: Manual. This sort of summarises the basic features of the Modenas Dinamik moped or kapchai. And no, it is not a four-stroke machine but a two-stroke. Like its main rival, the Modenas Dinamik comes with a six-speed manual gearbox.

It has 5cc less in engine capacity but made up for it with a better power-to-weight ratio. It has a dry weight of only 98 kg vs. In terms of specifications, the Dinamik looks impressive but how does it perform on the road? Before we get to that, there are a few things to remember. You have to rely on the traditional kick-start lever to fire up the engine. This is a very 20th-Century style of riding a kapchai in this age of the Internet and multiple electronic gizmos.

To add further bewilderment, the Dinamik comes equipped with a power kill-switch button similar to those in bigger bikes, surprising since Modenas decided to exclude an electric starter button for the bike. With the surprises out of the way, we had our first ride with the Modenas Dinamik Acceleration from stop-go, the first two gears were fast enough to bring the bike further forward than most kapchais and cars while third and fourth leveraged on that to make it go even further.

And what a top speed it is capable of. While it is light when we rode the Dinamik at its top speed, it was quite stable with no vibration being felt at the handlebars nor was it in any risk of being swept off by strong winds at that kind of speed.

Where it did bother us though was the amount of plastic buzzing coming from the plastic panels on the bike as these parts did vibrate.Jika anda masih baru disini, sila masukkan email anda utk dapatkan update-update terkini setiap hari melalui email dan melanggan Pelesit Selatan blog.

Percuma je! Assalamualaikum bos ku. Sy test boleh pergi km shja adehh. Tolong bos ku tunjuk ajar ku sifu. Skrg pkai kmh je. Bro ada group y15 atau group yamaha x klau ada tlng tarik masuk nk tahu juha pasal moto ni. Salam bri sy ada tukar camshaft G1 n spring valve uma.

Saiz sprocket brp yang sesuai untul saya? Bagi aku. Sprocket 15 Aku berat Benda kena test bro. Bab sprocket ni individual preference.

Cuba main belakang dulu. Salam bro. Kalau moto standert turun spoket 40 Meter naik berapa? Skrg spoket 41 14 pun still sama limit dah senggut2. Nak standert tanak tukar ecu tapi meter nk lebih lagi dari Moto mmbr standard set spoket 15 Top macam haram. Boleh follow moto lc blok 63mm cdi racing carb nsr cam uma byk lg brg dia modi. Aku yg tukar ecu racing spoket 14 40 pon tak boleh follow si lc tu.

Ecu tu la yg buat awak tak lepas nak naik lagi. Sebab ecu stndd ada cut off. Modified la enjin laju mana sekalipun, kalau pakai ecu standd, jugak jawapan dia. Salam bro kalau saya masuk ecu apitech sahaja berapa top speed yg boleh dapat? Ecu apa apa pun takpasebb dia sudah cut offpulas selagi boleh pulas. Motor standard sporket std x dpt gak Jalan street x dpt Nk sarung rim depan belakang superbike ni.

Ble sugguest tak tuan. Kalau saye dh tuka ecu tuneboss Spoket brape yg sesuai nak dapat kan top speed lebih sikit Ecu tugas utk buang cut and talaan engine saja. Hp maybe naik sikit. Nak rasa pebezaan ecu cam ekzos utk pemulaan. Cam cms t1 cun utk spec mcm tu.In the underbone, or kapchai market, cost and value are of primary importance to most buyers.

Yamaha Y15ZR 6speed topspeed 188kmh!!!

A margin of a few hundred ringgit can make the difference between the sales success, or failure, of such basic transport. While some may look at kapchais as little more than bicycle replacements — which they are, in some markets — there is a category of riders who insist on pushing the envelope on such small displacement, underbone machines.

Manufacturers recognise this, especially in markets like Indonesia and Thailand, producing cc underbone sports machines. With the launch of the Honda RSRBoon Siew Honda has entered what is, for the company, a new market locally in cc supercub category.

When Yamaha released the Y15ZR last year, it showed that it was serious about taking charge of the small-capacity bike market.

With four kapchais alongside four scooters, Hong Leong Yamaha has a total of nine models in the under cc category. While this is not an out-and-out comparison test, this review will serve to highlight the main differences between each model, with each supercub standing on its own merits. Physically, on the first approach, both machines are similar in size, with the Y15ZR standing a little shorter in the saddle, but not enough to make a real difference.

In the engine room, the Y15ZR carries a Numbers for the Honda RSR are almost the same, with a As can be seen, on paper, the two bikes put out virtually the same performance numbers, but trust us when we say both supercubs have very different characters.

This does not mean that one is better than the other, but either bike will appeal to riders with differing riding styles. In terms of physical riding position, both bikes are almost identical, with the RSR having a slightly turned-in slant to the handlebars.

The higher seat height of the RSR places the rider in a more upright position. Riding off on the Y15ZR, clutch engagement was precise and quick. A soft click of the lever into first, and the clutch was positive, allowing the Y15ZR to accelerate quickly.

At second and third, there was a slight buzz in the handlebars. Footpeg placement is about right, placing the feet in a neutral position. Launching into corners, the Y15ZR displayed good manners, and its quick acceleration, rowing through the five-speed gearbox, was a plus, with positive engagement.

Braking, with the front and rear discs, was good, a hard squeeze on the front brake giving good bite and feedback. A slight buzziness from the engine was felt through the seat. We cannot comment on how this would affect the rider on more long-distance journeys, but we assume stopping often would be a remedy.

The free-revving engine certainly made keeping a light hand on the throttle difficult, with the light throttle pull encouraging the rider to wind it open.

Fuelling was almost faultless on the Y15ZR, with the EFI system showing only the slightest hint of a stumble at very small throttle openings, or when whacked open in top gear. In the cockpit, a large analogue speedometer sits on the left side, with an LCD display on the right. The usual information is displayed in the panel, including odometer, fuel gauge and so on. Out front a pair of LED daytime running lights occupy the bottom half of the front cowl, and a single halogen beam sits in the handlebar fairing.

The turn signals on the Y15ZR are integrated into the front cowl, giving the face of the bike a very clean look with no signals on stalks sticking out.Nk tnye ni.

Kalau nak cerita modify, apa saja boleh dibuat. Tapi motor mahal mcm ni sayang nak modify, takut nanti warranty void panjang cerita. Harap ada rider lain sudi menjawab persoalan ni. One in a million org nak modify dari Manual ke Automatic Transmission.

Secara teknikal, tak dpt dilaksanakan sebab set clutch auto melibatkan satu jaringan mekanikal daripada crank shaft ke auto clutch shoe seterusnya ke clutch, manakala manual clutch jaringan kuasa dari crank shaft terus ke clutch plate.

Kalau banyak duit segalanya mungkin. Tapi mungkin kosnya tak berbaloi dengan penggunaan. Bagus laburkan kat tayar yang terbaik di pasaran. Brake lever utk brake depan tu mcm rasa fragile, mungkin boleh tukar dgn yg rigid sikit. Saya dlm proses memasang disk besar. Broo speed cut moto ni kt mana yee?? N bole whatapp x?

Berminat na tHu sal moto ni laa Sorry lambat reply tuan Sama mcm setting Karburetor, kalau setting tak betul, engine boleh jadi "rich" atau "lean". Akibatnya, jangka hayat jentera tuan lebih pendek dari jentera org lain. Yup, range antara kmh. Kita tak tau set up kilang standard atau tidak. Bergantung juga berat rider. Saya punya belum dapat result lagi, dah 2 kali try tapi tak sampai, jalan kat sini pendek2.

Akan cuba lagi sebelum tukar aftermarket exhaust dan ECU. Saya punya dapat kmh je Saya ok saja dgn top speed yg ada, jentera ringan kalau laju sgt pun bahaya Tuan Badrul Hisham Sila upgrade Needle Bearing segera. Lain-lain parts boleh dibiarkan standard.

Yamaha Y15ZR Specifications & Features

Sya pun ade masalah sama. Bunyi kt enjin kuat sgat. Mcm tepet. Tpi kuat sgat ade gegaran di enjin. Moto baru meter bru 4ribu. Ade warranty ke?? Kalau bunyi Tappet luarbiasa kuatnya, pergi adjust balik. Tapi kalau bunyi bearing, sila ke Wad Kecemasan dengan segera. Boss nak tanya skit. Itu exhaust original kalau tuan cat warna merah pun dah kira modifikasi tanpa kebenaran JPJ.

Apa lagi tukar yang after-market. Nasib2 la kan. Kita rider kapcai ni selalu jadi mangsa diskriminasi.


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