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Norcold 1210 service manual

The following parts fit the Norcold and model refrigerators. To determine which product fits your particular model you must know the model and serial number of your RV refrigerator. This can be found inside your refrigerator on the right-hand side on a manufacturers label. Please wait My Account Call us on Sign in or Create an account.

All prices are in All prices are in USD. The Norcold Guy. Quite simply the most convenient and reliable RV refrigerator in America. Your family will love the user-friendly features, the exterior beauty, and the organized and spacious interior. Inside Refrigerator bins, shelves, etc. Add To Cart. Norcold Power Board new style board fits most models! Norcold Power Board fits the model. Norcold Door Flapper fits newer style models. Norcold AC Power Cord fits most models non ice maker models.

Norcold AC Power Cord fits most models ice maker models only. Norcold Bottom Trim Piece fits the model. Norcold Burner Tube fits the series.

Popular Products. Choose Options. Norcold Lamp Bracket Assembly fits all models! Contact Us Operating out of Southeast Michigan. Norcold Technical Blog! Is your RV refrigerator board locked out and not resetting?

Below is a video on a simple checklist of things you'll want to be familiar ….Also See for Installation and owner's instructions - 10 pages Parts list - 14 pages. Page of 44 Go. Quick Links. Table of Contents. The letter "X", in the model numbers above, stands for a letter or numeral which means a.

RV Refrigerator Full Cooling Unit Replacement Tips & Tricks

DO NOT install this refrigerator in below deck marine applications. Do not install this refrigerator in a fixed indoor. Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service or maintenance. Refer to this manual. Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquid in the.

1200, 1201, 1210, 1211

Immediately call your gas supplier. Norcold Installation And Owner's Instructions 10 pages. Do not install this refrigerator in a fixed indoor cabin or other dwelling applications.

This refrigerator must use only NORCOLD designed and approved outside air intake and exhaust ventilation for correct and safe operation. Page 2: Table Of Contents Safety Awareness Read this manual carefully and understand the contents before you install the refrigerator.

Be aware of possible safety hazards when you see the safety alert symbol on the refrigerator and in this manual. A signal word follows the safety meanings. It is equipped for the use of propane gas only and can not be changed to use any other fuels natural gas, butane, etc.

Page 4: Ventilation Requirements The refrigerator also has two thermostat controlled fans to move air across the cooling system. Page 6: Assemble The Enclosure For The Refrigerator - Make sure the bottom of the opening of the lower intake vent [9] is even with or immediately below the floor level. Page Offset Vertical Enclosures If the enclosure depth is 24 inches or more and less than 25 inches See Art : - Install an angled top baffle [] between the top rear edge of the refrigerator and the inside edge of the upper exhaust vent opening.

Page 11 If the enclosure depth is 26 inches or more See Art : - Install an angled top baffle [] between the top rear edge of the refrigerator and the inside edge of the upper exhaust vent opening. Page 13 If the enclosure depth is 26 inches or more See Art : - Install a wood, aluminum or galvanized steel top baffle [13] between the top of the refrigerator and the top of the upper exhaust vent [24].

Install the roof exhaust vent so that: - The sloped end of the roof exhaust vent is toward either side of the vehicle. Page Install The Refrigerator If punctured, these panels lose insulation value which decreases the cooling performance of the refrigerator.

It is not necessary to remove the protective packaging from the doors of metal door models to install or operate the refrigerator. Page 16 - Put the four screws [41] through the mounting flange on the front of the refrigerator and into the enclosure wall. Do not remove the round ground prong from the AC power cord of the refrigerator or the ice maker optional. Do not use a two prong adapter or an extension cord with either AC power cord.

Page Connect The Propane Gas Components Use a leak detecting solution to examine the gas supply line and all propane gas connections for leaks. Page Connect The Ice Maker optional The refrigerator installer must connect a cold water supply line to the solenoid valve at the rear of the refrigerator.

norcold 1210 service manual

Page Ignition And Start Up Ignition and Start Up Before ignition or start up of the refrigerator: - Make sure the air flow in the lower intake vent, through the refrigerator coils and condenser, and out the upper exhaust vent is not blocked or decreased.

Open the lower intake vent. Remove one wire from the solenoid of the gas safety valve at the rear of the refrigerator.Remember Me? Results 1 to 2 of 2. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. This problem has been posted by many before with the same issue. With our Bighorn RE we just went past our 12 month of ownership and the refrigerator stopped cooling.

About 2 weeks prior we noticed we were increasing our stat setting from 7 up to 9 and the cooling was dropping off. Contacted Norcold and elected for a mobile service tech in our area they recommended. Technician checked all connections, electric heater current draw, propane flame, installation of baffles and clearances, condenser fans both running and took ohm readings on the thermistor in a glass of ice.

He found nothing wrong and was to contact Norcold about the cooling unit. After loosing the food in the freezer and keeping a bag of ice in the fridge everyday, we salvaged some food items. We left the refrigerator turned on while this was all taking place over a period of 5 days. After the 6th day the unit pulled down in temperature without us doing anything and staying in the same spot during this time.

The freezer is now at 2 degrees with the fridge at 34 with the stat setting at 9. Outside air has been in the low 80's. With Norcold there is really no explanation other than a blockage that may have broke free in the ammonia system.

There are way too many of us that are experiencing this same issue and if you check the internet, others are as well.

norcold 1210 service manual

This is not the so called normal "burping" of an ammonia system that has been sitting in a warehouse lying down flat and then being installed into service. This seems to be a quality issue somewhere in the manufacturing process of these units. We are full time and move every 2 to 3 weeks and this is not our first RV and we have not experienced this issue before.

norcold 1210 service manual

In warranty or not, if this is an on-going blockage issue Norcold should acknowledge the problem and repair the units if reported.

These units are way too expensive to have to repair after 1 year or less. We have also contacted Heartland as well and asked them to investigate this issue with Norcold.

The issue now is whether we trust the unit. It's been 7 days and running like one would expect. Add this posting to all of the rest concerning this issue as I hope others will who are experiencing the same. I will follow your thread and see what comes of it.Information on the Recall Upgrade. Access Full Source. View This Document. Cooling Unit Problems - Georgia It speaks to a Norcold refrigerator, but I believe Doc Retrieval.

Refrigerator information label location Figure 2. Cooling unit bar code label location Access Content. Access Doc. If your dealer or an authorized Norcold service center fails or is unable to remedy this defect Fetch Doc. You will see many wires running to this control box. Recommend you print this maintenance tip and place it in your Norcold Owner's Manual for future reference. Document Retrieval. Hours, contact your dealer or a Norcold authorized service center.!

View Video. Diagnosing Cooling Problems. Get Document. Camping World of Davenport 11, views. Diagnosing Norcold Cooling Unit - Duration: Rufus N Dufus 23, views. How to make your RV fridge colder - Duration: This also assumes that I would be providing the labor Norcold Service Manual - Bryant R. Services This service manual provides maintenance, and cooling unit replacement procedure. Section 9: Diagnostics This section covers accessing and navigating through the built in diagnostics, All genuine Norcold cooling systems are serialized.

Norcold Service Center. For the best cooling performance Doc Viewer. Currently own, or have formerly owned, a Norcold Series Gas Absorption Refrigerator or Cooling Unit that was manufactured between January 1, that no longer had a Norcold Cooling Unit installed at the time of purchase but rather had a cooling unit Fetch This Document. View Doc. Post a Comment. Wednesday, February 15, Norcold Cooling Unit. Labels: Wine Cellar Cooling Unit. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Windows users-to save File- right click, and choose "Save Target as I'm still putting new files up as time permits. I have found that a couple of people are downloading the manuals from here and other websites and selling them on eBay, so I have marked some of the pdf files with a final page, but I am also working on scanning all of my older, obsolete manuals to put here- if you have an old service manual and can scan it to a tiff, gif, or jpeg file, let me know!

If you need an Owners Manual or service information, please do not hesitate to e-mail us here. We can e-mail many appliance owners manuals, and will put them up on this page if as interest warrants. Please do allow several days- if you haven't heard back from us, jiggle our elbow a bit- sometimes we run behind! Service Manuals Be aware that some of these files are very large. A new page- owners manuals.

A good place to start if you are having the dreaded "check light comes on" trouble. Pay close attention to the rewiring instructions. Also covers the RM 24, 36, 46, 47, 66, 67 and There are still a lot of the old workhorses out there working well. Models include RM, Covers nearly all of the manually controlled refrigerator built in the s and 90s.

Dated Feb. These are the compact models. Servel KB Norcold N manual. Norcold N Service manual 1. Norcold N Service manual 2. Norcold Service manual 1,KB Norcoldand series service manual. Norcold 86 series Service manual KB Norcold series service manual.

Covers, and How much should outside temps effect temps in my fridge and freezer? This weekend temps were mild. We were parked so the fridge side of our motorhome got some afternoon sun.

Temps varied from 12 degrees in freezer during the day and 6 at night. Fridge varied from 43 during the day to 33 at night. Is this normal for 10 degree swings in 24 hours? We put a new board in this unit and a new thermistor. Temps still vary a lot.

Still new to using this kind of unit and want to know if this is normal. Start by pulling out your refrigerator installation manual or access it on-line. Compare your installation with that specified by your refrigerator maker. Do you have booster fans in the back of the refrigerator outside access area? It is in a fixed part of the coach. Has fans on the back near top. Vent is on the roof.

Not sure if fans exhausts up or not. What is a normal temp range? You may be able to look up in the outside access area to see if both fans are working.

norcold 1210 service manual

May be able to tell from there whether the fans are properly installed exhausting UP. But, also, as I mentioned in my first post, check the recommended side and outside wall clearances recommended by your Norcold. Pay particular attention to any open area above the refrigerator, as that can cause heat to circulate rather than exhaust.

Since we bought an extended warranty with our coach, I passed this problem on to the dealer. They think, 1 and most likely a blockage in the cooling unit, or 2 small leak detected a bad door seal, or 3 fans not working right.

They say, even with a mirror, only one fan can be seen it is working.

Norcold 1210 Installation And Owner's Instructions

To see and check both fans the fridge needs to be pulled out. I would think you could disconnect the one fan and listen for the other unless they are wired together When checking with Norcold, they were told for the 4 door they do not have replacement seals, both doors need to be replaced. Sounds like a bad design to me.

Updates to follow. We have not contacted the warranty company yet. Don't know what to expect. We have about had it with Norcold. Maybe have a solution. The dealer found a loose wire going to one of the heating elements.Also See for series Service manual - 68 pages Installation manual - 21 pages Parts list - 23 pages.

Page of 67 Go. Quick Links. See also: Service ManualOwer's Manual. Service Manual. DO NOT install this refrigerator in below deck marine applications. Do not. Any other ventila. All rights reserved. Publication No. Table of Contents. Norcold Installation Manual 21 pages. Refrigerator Norcold Installation Manual Rv refrigerator 44 pages. Do not install this refrigerator in fixed indoor cabin or other dwelling applications. This refrigerator must use only NORCOLD designed and approved outside air in- take and exhaust ventilation for correct and safe operation.

Page 3 Cycle Testing Ice Maker For example, a specifications for safety, reliability, and performance. IMSS is a 2-way refrigerator equipped with an ice The use of unauthorized aftermarket or generic maker and stainless steel doors. Page 6: Safety Awareness Make sure all hardware, such as hinges and fasteners conductive and pose the potential for an electric shock retaining screws, etc. Refrigerator Service Manual www. Orifice, old style 0. See page Dirty burner.

Clean burner. Low AC voltage. Check AC voltage input. Cooling fan inoperative if present. Test fan operation. Improper installation. Check installation. See pages and Installation Manual. TEMP See page AC cord not plugged into power board. MODE F3 fuse open. Lamp switches faulty.

Norcold Service Manual Specifications

Page 11 Fresh food compartment door open more than 2 minutes. Flashing Backup operating system in operation. Temp Setting See pages 18 No cooling detected by the controls.

Measurement points for wire harness voltage Figure 3.


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