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I am a doctor speech

A Stock Phrase used by characters looking to enhance their credibility in dealing with situations or problems that have arisen, where X is usually a type of occupation "Doctor" being the most popular, by far. Certain jobs and occupations, like practicing medicine, are so universally respected that anybody merely claiming to be of that profession is enough for that person to be taken seriously.

When a problem arises where biological classification pogil answers model 4 specific job skills and talents can be put into practice, such as after a D.

Disastersomebody claiming to be a licensed plumber or architect can easily become a savior, and a cocky hero protagonist full of confidence in one's own expertise gets a pithy one-liner that can be delivered whenever held in doubt. However, more often in many comedic situations, a speaker may call attention to their personal occupation or area expertise at a time when it would be completely irrelevant to a problem or issue at hand, or, taken to its furthest extreme, the speaker may be revealed as a fraud lacking all of the expertise being claimed.

Likely to be the first of many Doctor's Orders in a medical emergency. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. He looks perfectly legit. Pepper ad campaign where "doctors" like Dr. J"and Gene Simmons "Dr. Love" use, "Trust me, I'm a doctor," as a slogan. They also give this trope and their own commercials a send-up with retired NFL linebacker Michael Strahan saying, "Trust me.

I've sent people to the doctor! Anime and Manga. Trafalgar Law from One Piece tends to announce his profession with such a line.

"The Man That Stops The Monsters" - Flatline - Doctor Who

Though, it doesn't help that, in addition to being a doctor, he's a pirate. And, OH YEAH, his moniker is " Surgeon of Death ", which is well justified with the fact that his Devil Fruit power enables him to turn any space into an operating room and manipulate anything within according to his will. Nonethelesshis medical skills are legit, considering how he used them to save Luffy and Jimbei from certain death.

The protagonist finds a nude woman on the beach and rushes to Tezuka-sensei. Tezuka insists that he puts on a set of clothes by himself because he's a doctor.

Actor Allusion : Tezuka is a trained medical doctor. I'm a doctor" to Kiba, while he heals Hinata. Surprisingly, he doesn't seem to have any strange intentions with her at the moment. Comic Books. The above image comes from the AD strip "Thirteen. In Omega the Unknownthe doctor who treats James-Michael says, "Trust me, I'm a doctor," only to turn him into an experiment.

Loki, in the Danish comic Valhalla : " Trust me! I am the god of lies! And trust me, I'm a professional. Beneath this pillow lies the key to my release. Otter: Rising in a disciplinary hearing Point of parliamentary procedure! Discworld : Parodied in Maskeradewhen Nanny Ogg makes her way through a crowd to the scene of an accident by saying "Let me through, I'm a nosy person. Trust me. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas has a lot of fun with this, with Raoul Duke's repeated assurances that he is a doctor of journalismand Doctor Gonzo's favorite phrase, "As your attorney I advise you to I'm a faerie!The profession of a Doctor is the most noble and respected one.

They do a great service to the society. A life gets saved by their hands. They take a lot of effort to cure us from various ailments and to keep us healthy and fit. If I were to be a doctor, I would first take an oath that I would do my duties and take up my responsibilities as a doctor in a right manner. Being a doctor involves lots of risk and responsibilities too. I may have to face situations that may appear scary, but I would have to stay calm and take the right decisions.

If I were to be a doctor, I would make sure that I would treat people with sincerity and make sure that every patient deserves the right to have a good medication. People who cannot afford treatment, will be treated well by me in the best possible way and save their lives.

I will not work for money, as money will be secondary. It is my responsibility to save a life and I should be doing it with due respect. People spend so much money to educate their children who are not at all interested in this profession but have passion for something else, to become a doctor.

i am a doctor speech

If I were a doctor, I would try to convince parents that this profession has to be done with passion and love, otherwise no doctor could do justice to the patient that comes to him.

It is a life that a doctor is tackling with and it has to be done with love, care and passion, then only the benefits would be seen, otherwise it becomes more or less like a business, which could get dangerous.

Doctors are next to God, when it comes to treat illness and bring back life.

i am a doctor speech

A good doctor is a blessing not only for himself, but to the society as well, and that is what I would love to be, if I were a doctor.There are many fields in which one can make one's career like engineering, acting, singing, marketing etc. Among them, a few are such that they are more a responsibility than a normal job. They are Doctor and Teacher. A doctor is a responsible job. If you think that reading about 'Doctor' will be useful, you can visit the few sets of 10 lines we have provided below.

They will tell you a lot about the Doctor. A doctor, as we know, is considered next to god. He not only treats and cures patients but also sometimes saves the life of a dying patient. He is respected everywhere in society and is an inspiration for lots of children. It is a very noble profession, where one can earn money as well as respect.

It is also a kind of stressful job as a doctor sees lots of patients continuously and regularly. Being a graduate in Conflict Management and Development, he is a creative writer, writing blogs and articles for 5 years for online web portals.

i am a doctor speech

He loves to write on topics related to the social and geopolitical world. His articles are serving best to the students as he always put his best efforts. He never feels bore because of his number of hobbies like Writing, Reading, Swimming, Singing, and Mimicry.

Trust Me, I'm an X

Login in to your account. Lost your password? Lost Password. Back to login. Next Story 10 Lines on Fundamental Rights. Shirshendra Sinha Being a graduate in Conflict Management and Development, he is a creative writer, writing blogs and articles for 5 years for online web portals.

Paragraph on Girl Education Paragraph. All rights reserved.Aim or the ambition is very much required in every people life and is very much important as having an ambition as it gives a direction of for their career. Every person has some same in their life as what he want to become when he go up in his future and to choose a career after his studies.

Many people want to become a successful engineer some like to become pilot some like to work in IT fields and much more ambition is been headed by the people as also there is an ambition in me to become a doctor in my life as the life of the doctor is a noble life.

The doctor is the person who saves the lives of many people and they also help many people who are feeling sick cure many diseases and do the treatment of them. It has been said that the service of the doctor is the valuable service to suffering humanity as saving a life is a great job any doctor is doing it and is worth it.

If the person is in any is in the serious problem or in diseased they go to the doctor and hope for the treatment from the doctor and a doctor is a person who gives hope and the joy to the people. To become a doctor it is very hard and not a very easy task but it is my ambition to become a doctor and treat many people and when I will become a doctor I will be very kind to the poor and the need people who are not able to get their treatment I will help them without taking any charges from them as helping the people will be my duty and practice that I will do mostly when I become a doctor.

There is a long journey and to do many studies and experiments to become a doctor but I have a confidence in me that I will finish my target and achieve my ambition and reach my goal. When I achieve my ambition in future I want to be a successful doctor as in India we can see that there are many villages who are facing many problems and there are less trained doctors in our areas and being an Indian citizen it is our responsibility to solve the problems as there are many problems like sanitation and the pollution because of this many people get diseased and it is in the hands of the doctor to cure it.

When I will become a doctor I will open my own clinic in a village where there is the shortage of doctors and help the people and give them medicines and treatment and I will try to give these things in less charge as they could be able to get their treatment easily. Many people should take this problem as their own and should go to the field of doctors and get trained and help the other people who are diseased and so because of this there will be more doctors and people could be able to get treated easily.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. January 7, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.For a sick person, a doctor is a God on earth.

The very presence of doctor instills immense confidence in a patient. But, today doctors are found to be indifferent to their patients. However, we find then inhumane these days. How could patients look up to them as the incarnations of God!

An Essay on Doctor for Kids and Students

I feel that the general image of doctors has taken a beating in the eyes of general public the public has realized much to dismay that doctors are now only interested in minting money and have lost the real touch with the fellow human beings and the humane life. It is true that individuals have become money-spinning machines, but the doctors who once represented God should have stayed out of the melee. This has not happened vilifying the avocation as any other profession.

If I were a doctor, I would try to recover the lost image of doctors, at the outset. My prime objective shall remain identifying myself with the host of patients.

This could mobilize me behave humanely with them. Next, instead of keeping an eye on the amount of money spent for the treatment, I shall try to cure the patient fully without bothering how much had been paid for the service.

I would also take money and lots of which from the very rich, and then treat the poor patients free. With this balancing act, I think I would be able to earn enough money to maintain my life and family and earn a sea of goodwill in return, from the appreciable mass of poor. I would earn, besides money, love, respect, and the unflinching reverence. Thus, contrary to what doctors could earn these days, about heaps of money, I would earn love and respect in such heaps.

With this attitude, I am sure I could bring back the angel status of doctors. Short essay for students on the relevance of god. Short essay for students on terrorism.On a hot summer day inmore thandemonstrators calling for civil rights joined Dr.

Martin Luther King Jr. The days event's included speeches from the likes of John Lewis, a civil rights activist who currently serves as a U. Medgar Evers, whose husband had been slain by a segregationist only two months prior, union leader Walter Reuther -- and a performance by the great gospel singer Mahalia Jackson. But it was Dr. King's iconic "I Have a Dream" speech that immediately took its place as one of the greatest in U.

But August 28 was not the first time King had uttered the most famous four words from his remarks that day. He had spoken about his dream during speeches in Birmingham and Detroit earlier that year. His initial drafts did not contain any references to a dream at all, according to his closest advisers. Before the speech, King allegedly told an aide that he wanted the remarks to be "a Gettysburg Address" of sorts.

I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation. Five score years ago, a great American, in whose symbolic shadow we stand today, signed the Emancipation Proclamation. This momentous decree came as a great beacon light of hope to millions of Negro slaves who had been seared in the flames of withering injustice. It came as a joyous daybreak to end the long night of their captivity.

But one hundred years later, the Negro still is not free. One hundred years later, the life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination. One hundred years later, the Negro lives on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity.

One hundred years later, the Negro is still languishing in the corners of American society and finds himself an exile in his own land. So we have come here today to dramatize a shameful condition.

Procession of African Americans carrying placards demanding equal rights, integrated schools, decent housing, and an end to bias. Photographer: Warren K Leffler. Among them are Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King's 'I Have a Dream' speech: Full text

It was at this rally that Martin Luther King Jr. Photo by Robert W. Phillip Randolph - and Walther Reuther - August 28, King Jr. Capitol August 28, at a civil rights rally. King gave his 'I Have a Dream' speech at the event. The march provided the setting for Dr. King's iconic 'I Have a Dream' speech. The widely quoted speech became one of his most famous. Philip Randolph, Dr.The doctor is a very important and useful person.

He works in hospital and dispensary. When a person is sick, he examines him. He finds out the cause of illness. He gives medicines to cure the illness. He saves lives of people. He is always cheerful and ready to help people.

He works so hard and he does not take proper rest and sleep. A doctor treats ill persons. His duty is to cure his patents and to save lives. His job is very important. He works in a hospital or a dispensary. Some doctors have their own clinics. Some doctors work in private hospitals.

A doctor examines a patient. Then he prescribes medicines for cure. Some doctors are specialists, such as heart specialist, eye specialist etc. He has to work hard. He has to attend his patients when they need him. A doctor helps us to live healthy. We need many good doctors. We are grateful to them for their noble service. But it is silver lining that there are noble people who work all their lives to mitigate the sufferings of the others.

Among them, the profession of doctors is perhaps most respected for service to the society. A doctor dedicates his life to the service of the patients. He or she relieves the sufferings and pain of mankind. He cures them from disease and illness. He strives to make the life of others better and healthier. The doctor works to prevent spread of the epidemics. Every now and then dangerous diseases grab the humanity.

It is the doctor who finds the cure. Sometimes it may take years of painstaking work and research to find the cure, but ultimately the success is achieved. Often, he has to visit the patient at off hours foregoing his rest, sleep and even food.

Sometimes the doctor has to work throughout the day and night attending to serious patients or victims of war, epidemic or major accident. He has to always treat his patients with a smile and cheer.

He motivates and encourages sick person. He is a source of hope and strength.


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