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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. The DXZone is the largest human created and maintained library of web sites dedicated to Amateur Radio, currently lists Ham Radio operators review new sites every day sincefor potential inclusion in the Directory, and to evaluate the best place to list them. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password?

Password recovery. Recover your password. Icom IC Videos. Top Amateur Radio Websites — Issue Inside DXZone Insights. How to build an excellent key for very little cost with homebreweing description and detailed pictures by G3YUH. Five Cent CW key. The 5 cent home made morse key by OH7SV. Mini CW key. Single Lever CW Paddle. Single-Lever CW Paddle. Strange CW keys.

ham key

Mac app store download for windows Made Paddle Key and Keyer. PC-board iambic Spice simulation paddle. NB6M paddles. Paddles made from readily available materials, like double sided PC board material and cost almost nothing to build. Poor man's paddle. An homemade cw paddle made with a double-sided copper clad PCB. Home Made CW Paddle.

Home Made CW paddles made from a printed circuit board and a teflon mounting block while contacts are made with simple brass threaded rods. Ultra-lightweight Morse code keyer paddle.Tune Around! Topics For Technicians! Loaded with info for new ham radio operators! Ham Exams! Ham Radio Videos! First, some nomenclature: A "Key" or "Paddles" is the thing you actually touch to send with.

A "Keyer" is a device used to generate dits and dahs electronically. The keyers below are separated into 2 types, mechanical and electronic.

Mechaincal keys! Straight Keys Straight key - Basic single-lever key going back to the days of Morse and Vail themselves. A simple SPST spring-loaded normally-open switch with a knob that moves up and down.

Dits, dahs and spaces made manually. Most ops cannot send good code faster than wpm with a straight key. Up and down motion can be a source of carpal-tunnel problems, called "glass arm" and "telegrapher's arm" back-when. No electronics, will key anything. Example of sideswiper, cootie keys shown above Sideswiper, "cootie key" - Simplest form of speed key. Key lever moves horizontally right and left, spring-loaded to return to center open position.

Side to side motion avoids carpal-tunnel problems and can permit higher speeds. Vibroflex "Bug" Bug, semiautomatic key, "vibroplex" actually a brand name - Most common form of speed key before electronic keyers.

Dits made automatically by mechanical means, dahs and spaces made manually.Forgot Password? It also includes the ability to research a call sign's history, something that had been available on his Vanity HQ website. The Unique Call Lookup utility permits users to research the history of a given call sign. The National Silent Key Archive provides an opportunity to add Silent Keys a ll submissions are reviewed prior to incorporation into the Archive and for friends and family of radio amateurs who have passed on to create memorial pages that may include photographs and text.

Carroll points out that the National Silent Key Archive has been up and running for 2 years or so and functioned separately from Vanity HQ, which, he reiterated, he has no plans to resurrect. The National Silent Key Archive is a wikiwhere anyone can contribute contents or to add a member to The Archive, and without first obtaining a login ID or password. Each day the site features Silent Keys from a different call district. Having Trouble?

Dude Going HAM On The Keys!!!

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Ham Radio Deluxe with Crack

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Steel key (H.A.M.)

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This project involves a management team of volunteers who each take a topic of interest and manage it with passion. The site will be something of which everyone involved can be proud to say they were a part. Toggle navigation. Forgot Password. Reviews Home. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months. Others have pointed out it's low cost and utility, and they are quite right. I like the spacing between the finger pieces. They're inside the levers, placing them close together.

Seems to fit me best. I picked this up over 10 years ago but don't use it a lot. I actually let the computer or rig's memory send most of the CW I do. It is not a high end key but I assume the origianl price - and definitely what I paid for it - reflect that. Some vertical slop in the arms since the hinges are stampped to fit around a post.

The base slides though that may be a function of the rubber feet having dried up a bit. But it holds its settings and gets the rig to send dots and dashes when I ask it to.

This is a great little key, and can still be found from time to time in the flea markets. Easy to adjust, great feel. So inexpensive Time Owned: more than 12 months. I know!

Ham Radio Deluxe + Key [Full]

Smooth, stable, and easily adjustable. Yes, if you hit it hard enough, it will move on the table, but if you want to hit something, get a punching bag. This will let you send nice CW with a light, finger-tip touch.An amateur radio operator is someone who uses equipment at an amateur radio station to engage in two-way personal communications with other amateur operators on radio frequencies assigned to the amateur radio service.

Amateur radio operators have been granted an amateur radio license by a governmental regulatory authority after passing an examination on applicable regulations, electronics, radio theory, and radio operation. As a component of their license, amateur radio operators are assigned a call sign that they use to identify themselves during communication.

There are about three million amateur radio operators worldwide. Amateur radio operators are also known as radio amateurs or hams.

ham key

The term "ham" as a nickname for amateur radio operators originated in a pejorative usage like "ham actor" by operators in commercial and professional radio communities, and dates to wired telegraphy. Few governments maintain detailed demographic statistics of their amateur radio operator populations, aside from recording the total number of licensed operators.

ham key

Only the governments of Yemen and North Korea currently prohibit their citizens from becoming amateur radio operators. In some countries, acquiring an amateur radio license is difficult because of the bureaucratic processes or fees that place access to a license out of reach for most citizens. Most nations permit foreign nationals to earn an amateur radio license, but very few amateur radio operators are licensed in multiple countries.

In the vast majority of countries, the population of amateur radio operators is predominantly male. A male amateur radio operator can be referred to as an OM, an abbreviation used in Morse code telegraphy for "old man", regardless of the operator's age. A female amateur radio operator can be referred to as a YL, from the abbreviation used for "young lady", regardless of the operator's age. XYL was once used by amateur radio operators to refer to an unlicensed woman, usually the wife of a male amateur radio operator; today, the term has come to mean any female spouse of an amateur radio operator, licensed or not.

Sometimes the wife of a ham operator is called a YF wife. Although these codes are derived from English language abbreviations, their use is common among amateur radio operators worldwide. In most countries there is no minimum age requirement to earn an amateur radio license and become an amateur radio operator. Although the number of amateur radio operators in many countries increases from year to year [ citation needed ]the average age of amateur radio operators is quite high.

In some countries, the average age is over 80 years old [ citation needed ]with most amateur radio operators earning their license in their 40s or 50s. Some national radio societies have responded to this by developing programs specifically to encourage youth participation in amateur radiosuch as the American Radio Relay League 's Amateur Radio Education and Technology Program.

A strong tie also exists between the amateur radio community and the Scouting movement to introduce radio technology to youth. American Samoa GU. Guam MP. Mariana Islands PR. Puerto Rico VI. US Virgin Islands. Canadian amateurs outside of Canada.

When referring to a person, the phrase Silent Key, and its abbreviation SK, is a euphemism for an amateur radio operator who is deceased. Since this was the last signal received by other operators, the code was adopted to refer to any amateur radio operator who is deceased, regardless of whether they were known to have used telegraphy in their communications.

An operator running high-speed telegraphy HST. Amateur Radio station equipped for reception of VLF signals. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. An operator working HF.

Apgar Charles E. Brady Jr.


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