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Black xxl pitbull

Our dogs are in high demand by the worlds top athletes due to the muscle and overall look of our dogs. We have taken the Hulk blood index of sheet music pdf made it better, bigger and stronger.

Our dogs here not only are the biggest and best built dogs on the planet but also have the best temperament due to the fact they are all raised with the family and are around people, small children and other dogs right from the start. Located in NY we are one of the top quality dog breeding in the world and our dogs and bloodlines are second to none. If you want the best pet money can buy you came to the right place or if you are looking to start or add to your current breeding program our dogs produce producers.

Adding our blood will add that size and look you want to add to take your kennel to the next level in this game. Please consult your veternarian before strength training your dog. With more then 60 Muay Thai champ this fighter is top level. Now he has broke into the MMA world with a professional record of It won't be long before he is a house hold name.

Check out the new movie that are huge boy Tank stars in!!!!!! Tank really has done it all and is definitely one of the most accomplished XL Pit Bulls in the world today. Protection trained, stars in movies, service dog, great with all people. Be the proud owner of a pup off the world famous Tank….

Puppies available now!!

black xxl pitbull

Tank x Rolli litter is here!! March 20, September 27, Topblue kennel offer our top quality males up for stud!!!Kid Tested Mother Approved.

Only a dog is a family memberbest friend, and a guardian angel all in one. We ship our american bully pitbull puppies all over the world and the United States Of America. Some of the states and countries we ship to :. Merle tri american bully pitbull or Merle is not recognized by Ukc only registerable thru Abkc. Merle Pattern has to be bred by a knowledgeable breeder to produce good healthy quality puppies.

Please click link below to learn more about the merle pattern. Topdog now has Frenchbulldogs. We have added only the best frenchies to our program so wether you want big bully or small bully we got you covered. We all the exotic colors from blue tri, chocolate trimerle trililac tri and testable chocolates Isabella soon to come. Topdogfrenchies just had a litter of 7 boys 2 girls frenchies for sale. For more pics and info please feel to give us a call you can also check out our new frenchie website topdogfrenchbulldogs.

We have moved to Tennesse. Our new merle tri female bully Karmis a big thank you to whatwedobulliez for allowing us to own her. We have merle tri american bully pitbull puppies coming for sale. Babies due in 42 days. Please check out our new Frenchbulldog website at topdogfrenchbulldogs. Update on Voodoo Lilac tri purple tri american bully 14 months old lbs. He has his first litter, Please look on pups for sale page to see the beautiful american bully puppies for sale.

Purpl Lilac tri litters due this week. Call for details Some of the most rarest colors in bullies in the world. Proud to say this month we have shipped our american bully puppies for sale all over the world from the uk united kingdom to canada to brazil. Look forward to shipping more of our xl xxl bully puppies in the future.

black xxl pitbull

New litter due in one week we have lilac tri american bullies pitbull puppies due. Colors we produce here at Topdogbullies. March 11, The one and only Ace the bully that started it all. This purple lilac tri boy just turned 4 weeks old in video. This american bully puppy is avail. Ready to be shipped n 4 weeks. All our pups come up to date on all shotsdewormer.Cali Girl is one of the most consistent breeder on the planet! We work hard to breed high quality dogs that have good confirmation, strong rears, big heads, big chest, great angulation, tight feet, and amazing temperament.

They are especially made for families. Our XXL Pitbull puppies for sale are the best pitbull puppies available in the world. We feel proud to set the bar for other kennels.

We are top class breeders dedicated to producing the best pitbull puppies on earth. ManMade Kennels offers a huge variety of healthy and strong pitbull puppies that come from the best of the XXL pitbulls breathing. All our puppies have the best XXL Pitbull blood in them, these puppies complete families. They are strong, muscular, loyal, loving, athletic and built to last a long time. Our Pitbull Puppies are delivered by hand anywhere in the United States. We also ship worldwide for the convenience of our customers.

We will make you feel less like a customer but more like a family member. We have produced hundreds of dogs and now we are dealing with a great group of dog breeders that shares interesting information on how to breed, raise, and care for your puppy better. Here are some of the tips that you can do, if in case you get to encounter stillborn puppies. Learn how to bring a stillborn puppy back to life. Watch our videos and subscribe to our channel for more informative videos about puppies care.

Our Pitbull puppies for sale are raised on the excellent dog supplement, Bullyade. It is also a great treat and it is available in beef and chicken flavor; changing the way our pets rehydrate forever.

Owning a beautiful dog from ManMadeKennels changed my life and the people around me. The quality, beauty, temperament is more than I can ask for. The guys at MMK not only provided quality service and puppy but stay in contact with us regularly like family. I recommend MMK any chance I get. Best quality dogs and breeders you will find!!! We live thousands of miles away and they all have managed to build a personal relationship with me and my family.

Thank you for all the help and support.

Bully Puppies For Sale

Our pitbull puppies are loving creations and we offer them as adoptions too. The program ensures that if something were to happen to a ManMade Kennels Family member and they needed to re-home their pitbull puppy. They can proceed to contact families that have signed up for our adoption program. Such families are welcomed into our private community wholeheartedly. We also offer Pit Bull supplements designed to pack on muscle mass and boost your dog's health.

All our studs are proven producers. All our Dams carry the best XL Pit bull traits.

black xxl pitbull

ManMade Kennels Pitbull Owners.What started as a hobby driven by pure passion and love for animals has become a globally acclaimed breeding program, renowned for producing XLs with the best temperaments and physical attributes.

My breeding approach centers on hand raising each XL pup with love and care. My customers benefit from this approach because they get the very best pup with a mixture of great physical and behavioral qualities. We also provide the breeding stock for many other breeders to start their lines. Combining features from each bloodline, I have been able to create my signature XL look with big blocky heads, big bones, wide chest spreads, thickness, and athleticism.

I have some of the most demanding customers in the world, and the quality of my breeds consistently matches their expectations. Some would say that this is because I am the best at XL breeding, but even though I certainly want to be the best; my success is primarily down to a deep and genuine love for nature and animals.

pitbull puppies

This passion is what has helped me to scale the heights of XL breeding. If you have any questions about the breeding program, or if you would like to find out how to become a proud owner of one of my world renowned XL Pitbulls, please feel free to send me an email at info bigballerkennels.

XL Pitbulls click on image to view. East Coast XL Pitbulls 0. You can expect large boned XL Pitbulls out of this east coast kennel. We ship our dogs world wide. Wide Pitbulls Read more. Wide Pitbulls 0. Our XL breeding program produces pitbulls with huge heads and wide shoulders as you see pictured on this post.

Contact us for puppy availability and for […]. An XL Pitbull with size, temperament and a unique look. Working Dogs Read more. Working Dogs 0. Amazing guard dogs, loving family member and loyal companion. XXL Pitbulls Read more. XXL Pitbulls 0. Bishop has produced countless litters. He is an amazing dog and one of my best dogs. Our XXL Pitbulls have been the foundation dogs for my […]. Here is a picture of one of our top XL pitbull studs, Bishop. He is in the streets socializing and growing awareness of this gentle giant […].

Classic Pitbull Read more. Classic Pitbull 0. Here is a picture of Bishop, one of the pioneer dogs from our XL Pitbull kennel.

His size, bone and temperament are unmatched by any other […]. XL Pitbull Shoulders Read more. XL Pitbull Shoulders 0. Our dedication and passion for the breed speaks for itself. Frozen semen is currently available […]. Pitbull Muscle Read more. Pitbull Muscle 0. Our XL Pitbulls have been genetically engineered to have size, temperament, massive bone and gigantic heads. Pitbull muscle you see in this picture is produced in […].We created our on lane! The biggest blue pitbulls in the world!

XXL Pitbulls! For the beginning pitbull breeder or true dog enthusiast, the secrets and tips contained in this ebook are worth it's weight in gold. This is information was collected slowly over the years. The BGK ebook gives a lot of XL blue bully pitbull breeding tips fron one of the best pitbull kennels in the world.

Big Gemini Kennels has been consistently producing the largest pitbulls in the world for the last decade. You want to have the biggest pitbull possible, there are ways to ensure that. You wil notice many of today's popular kennels has came to use BGK Blood.

I can give a lot of examples such as Manmade Kennels who has done very well marketng BGK's Shadow and his pitbull breeding program. We are proud to see our blood being used all over the worls to created the largest blue pitbulls or American bullys that the world has ever seen.

Let us help you vreates some of the healthiest biggest blue pitbulls on the planet. This is a well known fact. If you are looking for the biggest blue pitbulls in the world, well you found the source. Hello Friend!

10 year old boy and XL American bully (pitbull) in action

Big Gemini Kennels aka BGK is so much different than any other pitbull kennel or website you will ever go to because almost every dog that our pitbull kennel produces carries the infamous blood of the largest blue pitbulls in the world. We have produced dogs that are world famous and reknown for their incredible size, looks, temperament, and production power. We are a licensed breeding facility in Southern California and currently have an A rating from animal control as of our last facility inspection.

The temperament and training of our dogs is a major focal point as well. We work very closely with two of the most talented dog trainers in Southern California for our clients who request it. We have many satisfied clients all over the globe who are very happy with the huge blue pitbulls that they have purchased from our pit bull kennel.

We are the go to pit bull kennel for big, healthy, blue pitbulls even for other pitbull breeders and kennels. Many of the XL pitbulls being produced by Big Gemini Kennels are the foundation dogs for other successful pitbull kennels. BGK blood is known to carry specific character traits, including size, look, and temperament generation after generation.

Home of the Biggest Merle and Tri Color XL Pitbull Puppies For Sale.

This is one of the main reasons that other successful pit-bull breeders come to our kennel to get their foundation stock. We have started BGK with one goal in mind, we wanted to build a top quality kennel that consistently produced the largest, best looking, and healthy XL pitbulls in the world.

Through hard work and dedication we are proud to say that we have accomplished that goal. Over the last ten years we have proven to be the most consistent source for the largest top quality blue XL Bully pitbulls on the planet. The true temperament of pitbulls is loving, affectionate, fearless, and extremely protective with their family.

At Big Gemini Kennels, we have acres for our puppies and dogs to enjoy the best of life. Our dogs enjoy swimming in the pool and laying in the waterfall. They look like Blue lions in their natural habitat, lol. We love spoiling our dogs. Our staff interacts and plays with our dogs and puppies on a daily basis to make sure they are receiving top quality care, and special attention from the moment they are born.Art Of War Kennels is unlike any other Pitbull Kennel or breeder on Earth, with over 10 years experience breeding the best XL Pit Bulls and producing the biggest and best tri color Pitbull Puppies since the beginning of the tri color bully movement.

We also went on to dominate the Merle Movement and have produced the biggest, widest merle tri color XL Pitbull in the World. If you are in the market for a new Pet or a new addition for your kennel then you came to the right place. Worldwide Shipping Available. We can have your Puppy delivered to your door anywhere in the World. We have consistently produced pound tri males almost every breeding.

No other kennel can say that. All our Males are available for stud service to approved females. If you are looking for a new best friend or a new Pit Bull puppy to start or upgrade your kennel or breeding program you came to the right place.

The best breeders in the World all have some Art Of War in the pedigree. We are the source of the true XXL Pitbulls. Take a look at our Puppies page to see our available bully puppies.

black american bully xl

We have been breeding XL's since and have produced the biggest and bulliest Merle and tri color Pit Bull puppies for sale. Art Of War Kennels. Facebook-f Twitter Instagram Youtube. View Males. View Females. View Puppies. Contaact Us. Facebook-f Instagram Twitter Youtube.Manmade Kennels has been producing the best pitbull puppies since We breed pitbull puppies with unique traits. Our pit bull puppies that are trained and breed with extra care to make them strong athletic and extremely loving puppies.

Our puppy pitbulls are nothing short of greatness. Manmade Kennels is not regular pitbull breeders, we have an advanced level program that ensures our puppys, breedings and pitbull programs create pitbulls that every pitbull dog owner will remember.

Anyone who visits us loves how pitbull puppies at Manmade Kennels are healthy, big and extremely loving to be with. Our pitbulls are family dogs; nurtured in a way that whoever has them starts to feel like they always had them as a member of the family. Twelve years of working on producing the best pitbull family dogs, Manmade Kennels is a home to literally the best xl pitbull puppies and the best ManMade Family The lovely owners. We have a private community of members from around the world.

Anybody who owns a pitbull puppy breed by one of the ManMade family members, is a member to our lovely family. This is where members share their stories and special moments of their companionship with our healthy pitbulls. We share tips and tricks LIKE potty training, feeding programs for puppies, and how to raise your puppy the right way. There is nothing like the bond between a pitbull and their owner.

The Best Pitbull Puppies for sale, hand down in We have been Breeding Pitbull puppies for a long time. Shadow is lb for lb, the largest blue nose pit bull in the world. Nick is a part of ManMade Family because he is committed to producing the highest quality Pit bull Puppies and being one of the best Pitbull Breeders in the world.

Our dogs are UKC Registered American Pit bull Terriers and with each breeding we strive to breed Pit bull puppies that owners and families can create bonds with.

Pitbulls made for families. Shadow of ManMade Kennels has been producing the largest blue nose pitbull puppies for years. He has 4 human brothers and sisters who he loves very much. These two have a pedigree most breeders strive to work towards achieving. These pit bull puppies may come out as champagne pitbull puppies, chocolate pitbull puppies or Blue nose pitbull puppies. ManMade Kennels is committed to being highest quality Pitbull Breeders in the world.

With every breeding we strive to breed Pit bull puppies that owners and families can create bonds with. When you put these to together, you get nothing short of greatness. Our pitbull puppies come with incredible temperamentamazing sizeand beautiful colors.

All backed by the highest quality pedigrees you can ask for in a true XXL pitbull puppy. Available Pitbull Puppies Luna: A beautiful compact show quality champagne female XL pitbull with an incredible pedigree and temperament to match. Daughter of Queen Olympia and Grand daughter to King Leonidus makes her nothing short of true pitbull royalty.

Amazing foundation pit bull blood that would make a great addition to any home or breeding program. This Pit Bull has a perfect temperament, size, health, and his beautiful appearance brought together make the perfect Pitbull Puppy.

If you are looking for a massive pitbull puppy as your new family dog that will have all pit bull lovers going crazy where ever you go, these are the puppies you will want! Available Now She is the perfect dog.


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